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Pellet mills

What is a pellet mill?

In order to produce pellets (animal feed pellets, sawdust pellets, biomass pellets), raw materials are processed inside a pellet mill or pelleting press. Inside the pellet mill the most important part for producing the formed pellets is the pellet die.

Inside the pellet mill is the pellet die, either a ring die or a flat die. The raw material is fed into the compression chamber, where pellet rolls press/roll the raw material through the small holes of the pellet die. Out of the outerside of the pellet dies come out the long strands of pellets, which are then cut by a knife to give the finished pellets out of the output chute.

Pellet mills

Stainless steel conditioning tube

Motor of a pellet mill

Roller Shells

Pellets extruding from the die

Finished Pellets

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